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Each body is unique. So at DKS, we have special weight loss and body shaping programs customized every individual’s unique needs. DKS offers following finest FDA approved services for weight loss and body contouring:

Generalized weight loss or fat loss with shaping


This service provides muscle definition to shape up the body areas. Weight Loss and toning need to be done simultaneously, not only to get that ideal shape but also to tone up and define the areas which sag during weight loss. Such areas include especially tummy, thighs, arms and hips, thereby enhancing the individual’s overall look. During weight loss program, as the percentage of fat goes down, the percentage of muscle goes up. The muscle needs to be toned up to give an individual the perfect look.

Without causing any side effects, you can get rid of all the excess fat and achieve a slim trim figure. And this also you can achieve in a peaceful and confident ambience under the care of our professional team.

Sculptsure 4D

"When Diet And Exercise Fail, You Still Have Option"

Sculptsure 4D is a great alternative to getting that perfect figure without any need of liposuction. It provides instantaneous results with no side effects and is completely a non-surgical procedure. Sculptsure 4D is non-surgical procedure. This is a smarter way of body shaping.

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"Stubborn fat? No time for downtime? Want natural results?"

Thermoscuplt targets stubborn fat and sagging skin – a common issue with the chronically obese. It is particularly developed to help toning the body curves and fight weight problems.

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Celebrity Procedures

"Best professional treatments are no longer only available with celebrities."

Get star quality skin with our top treatments only at Dr. Kartik’s Slimming Clinic. We make sure that you benefit the most from our tested programs which guarantee the best results for you. Get the best treatment with us in #Ahmedabad with #DKS.

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Laser Hair Removal

For Smooth & Hair Free Skin

In a world that is competitive, the key to self-confidence and success lies in looking and feeling beautiful. Appearance and appeal are the two components to make a difference. A common problem experienced by most of us is visible and unwanted hair at the most unexpected places. For women, facial hair spells disaster and even men are no exception as they end up with hair on ear lobes. A hair free body does wonders to your persona and brings out the real you. So, before impressions fail, a permanent solution is imperative and that rests with us.

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Body Sculpting

"For natural, feminine curves"

Only healthy diet and exercise can give you a well-toned body with smooth contours. But on the contrary, it cannot always achieve results for every individual, particularly those who have loose, sagging skin and uneven contours.

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Face Lifting

"Rejuvenate & Restore"

Want that face again on which people fascinated? Turn back the hands of time and renew your youthful appearance.

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Breast Lifting

"Better results with no discomfort and downtime"

Breast Lifting at DKS has specially designed programs, you can enhance & firm up the look of your breasts appearance without any surgery and side effects. Using non-surgical procedures, a more firm, proportional and appealing breasts can be achieved in only a few days.

Tailormade Programs

"Services designed just for you"

• Mommy Makeover

• Bridal Makeover

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  • Generalized Weight Loss

  • Sculptsure-4D

  • Thermosculpt

  • Celebrity Procedures

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Body Sculpting

  • Face Lifting

  • Breast Lifting

  • Tailormade Programmes

*Disclaimer: Depending upon medical history & lifestyle, results may vary from person to person. Click here to know more       © Copyright 2019. Dr. Kartik's Slimming Clinic